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VANCOUVER – Friday saw a Seattle evening like none other that Pacific Northwest has ever seen. High on a ferris wheel, a marriage proposal was made, and an answer was blurted out. The answer, however, has become one of concern: “It appears to be a series of sobs, which are believed to have been made in an organized pattern,”  states Dr. Francis Deane, professor of political science at the University of Manitoba.

On February 13th, in Seattle, Washington , Aidin Ashkieh, who moved to Canada from Iran, proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Allie Kidner, born and raised in British Columbia.. For immediate family members, the news of her acceptance has been revered in great delight, but conspiracy theorists are examining the video more closely. Dr. Deane has come out as one of the most potent figures of this issue. He was the first major voice to provide credibility to any of the claims which first arose on a local right-wing radio talk show, The Patriot.  These claims have since made there way to top government officials.

“We have listened to the number  of sobs Ms. Kidner takes before giving a muddled ‘yes,’ but it’s the number of sobs which occur after the acceptance which is the cause of concern,” Deane told KBC in a telephone call. “We believe there is some sort of code hidden within not only the number and consistency of the sobs, but also the volume. After listening to the recording more than a dozen times, this theory has become more and more likely to be one of political motivation with a message to be sent back to Tehran.”

Deane and his assistants have conducted many experiments in the last 48 hours and have sent the recording to decoding specialists at the  Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

The CSIS has denied any knowledge of receiving the recording and were unable to comment on any of the security measures taken for the possible threat. “We, at CSIC, are aware of the situation, but we have not obtained a recording of the proposal from Dr. Deane or from any other parties,” said the CSIS in a recent statement posted online.  “The importance of this situation cannot be undermined, but without certain proof, the government of Canada will not be able to take any steps to ensure the safety of everyone involved.”

The Canadian government hasn’t yet released any information to the press, but some are speculating that government officials are discussing the events with the Iranian embassy.


Allie Kidner and an unknown person embrace with her alleged marriage proposal answer.

The entire ordeal comes at an inconvenient time for the Canadian government, whose Foreign Minister, John Baird, stepped down two weeks ago, which some think is the reason for the timing of this proposal and video.  As Deane says, “We think that if the Canadian foreign ministry was as organized as it normally would have been, this would never have been a situation, and the video wouldn’t have been leaked. Naturally, Baird would have already sent ground troops into Iran, but without him, we’re still looking for proof.”

Althought Mr. Ashkieh and Ms. Kidner have been unavailable for comment, they have recently posted a photo on the online social networking site Facebook, verifying her acceptance of the proposal in written words, but to Dr. Deane the photo is a greater cause for conercern: “If you look carefully at the photo, you can definitely see some inconsistencies. Why is the first person pronoun “I” written in lower case? Who is Ms. Kidner hugging in the photo? And why is there a fence in the lower right-hand corner? We won’t rest until we find the true meaning behind all of this.”

By Pat LeBlanc, KNP Global

Written by Liam Kidner

February 16, 2015 at 10:51 am

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